How to Protect Yourself From Escort Service Scams

While escort services are legal in many jurisdictions, they can still be scammed. To protect yourself from these scams, you should always be cautious and do your research. A quick Google search can help you avoid getting ripped off.

Some escorts use misrepresentative photos in their ads. This can be problematic for men who book a session with her only to find out that she doesn’t resemble the pictures they sent her.

Don’t give out personal information

It is important to not give your personal information to escort services. This is because scammers may use it to steal your identity and commit crimes. This is why it is vital to only use reputable escort websites. In addition, it is important to read the escort’s ad. This will help you spot a potential scammer. In addition, it is a good idea to avoid any escorts that require payment prior to meeting.

The number of people being hit by escort scams has increased significantly, according to the Ottawa police. The scam works by engaging the victim, asking for a masturbation video and then threatening to expose it to their friends and family unless they pay them bitcoin or cash. In some cases, the scammers even go as far as threatening to kill the victims and their families.

Luckily, it is easy to spot scammers by reading an escort’s ad. A fake ad or profile will often have one or two images, blurred faces and excessive Photoshop. In addition, a fake escort will not message you unprompted over a chat feature. A legitimate escort will usually have full galleries and clear, unpixelated photographs. It is also important to read an escort’s reviews, as they can be very telling about their quality and reliability. The more positive reviews an escort has, the better.

Don’t pay a deposit

The internet is littered with tempting images of beautiful women promoting themselves as escort services. However, not all of these ads are legitimate. In some cases, escorts take deposits and then never show up or make excuses to avoid paying their deposit back. This type of scam can be very difficult to detect, but it is important to understand the risks and take precautions to avoid falling victim to it.

One of the most common types of escort service scams involves deposit fraud. This happens when a fake worker puts up an advertisement with a picture that is not of her and then asks for a deposit. Once the client makes the deposit, the escort will cancel the date and disappears. There is usually nothing that can be done to retrieve the money, so it is important to do your research and only work with reputable escorts who don’t require deposits.

Another common scam involves extortion. Escorts may request a video of the client masturbating and then threaten to expose it to their friends and family unless they receive cash or bitcoin payments. This type of scam can be very difficult for police to track down, as it is often international in nature. However, there are some sites and blogs that publish escort scams and offer tips to protect yourself from them.

Don’t trust the escort’s photos

If you’re looking for an escort service, be sure to look at her photos carefully. Escorts will often upload multiple pictures to their websites, so that potential clients can see what they have to offer before deciding to book. However, it is important to realize that many scammers use stolen photographs on their profiles. These pictures may be heavily Photoshopped or blurred. Additionally, a fake profile will usually have very few photos. Real escorts will upload full galleries and update them regularly.

Another way to spot a scammer is to reverse image search the photos on her site or ads. This will reveal if the images are stolen from other sites. You can also try to find a photo of the escort on a social media site like Instagram or Facebook. This will help you determine if she is a legit escort.

Scams are not uncommon in the adult industry, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be avoided. By using these tips, you can avoid getting duped into paying for a fake service.

One of the most common escort scams involves extortion and threats. Ottawa police warn that scammers are targeting people who contact escort services and dating sites with threatening calls and videos. The scammers ask for a video of the victim masturbating and threaten to expose it to their friends or family unless they pay a fee.

Don’t trust the escort’s reviews

Online escort scams can be difficult to avoid. While finding an escort through a website or app is a legitimate way to meet someone, there are many scammers who prey on innocent people. These scammers use photos, sexy language, and promises of fun to trick unsuspecting clients into paying money for their services. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from these scams.

First, always be wary of any escort who requires a deposit before meeting you. This is a sign that the escort is not trustworthy and could possibly be a scam artist. Additionally, never pay a deposit via credit card. This is another surefire sign that the escort is not legitimate.

Lastly, always check for reviews on the escort’s website or app. Real escorts have multiple positive reviews from past clients, while fake escorts may only post one or two fake reviews. You should also look for a photo that is clearly not of the escort, as well as red flags like blurred or cut out faces and over-pixelated images.

Although escort scams are not uncommon, it is important to be aware of them and to take precautionary measures. If you follow these tips, you can avoid being scammed and have a safe, enjoyable time with an escort. However, please note that no adult service is 100% safe.